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Marine Plywood

Anchor Executive Marine Plywood

Gurjan Outside. Gurjan inside.

Introducing the most rugged and majestic marine plywood which is constituted entirely of selected plies of timber Gurjan.

Why Gurjan?

Gurjan, also called, Keruing or Apitong, is a wonderful timber from the tropical evergreen forests scattered throughout the Indo-Malayan region. A heavy hardwood, gurjan has excellent structural properties too. No wonder, Gurjan is the favourite of the fastidious users of marine plywood in India.

General Characteristics

Heartwood varies from light to dark red brown sometimes with a purple tint, distinct from the gray or buff sapwood. Almost perfectly straight grained, with a coarse texture, Gurjan yields the perfect veneers for plywood: smooth, rigid and flat. Gurjan saws and machines well.

Marine Plywood

Anchor Executive Marine Plywood

Salient Feature of Anchor Executive Marine Plywood

  • A heavy duty engineered panel material, using the best raw material.
  • 1.2 mm thick face veneers to provide excellent bending strength and stiffness.
  • Selected machine composed core veneers to provide a solid rigid body.
  • Bonding with BWP type Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin.
  • Preservative treatment by vacuum pressure impregnation to ensure deep penetration of chemicals.
  • Guaranteed for life time against delamination and attack by wood boring beetles.

 Properties Of Timber Gurjan  



Specific Gravity


Modulus of Rupture Along the Grains

650 kg/

Modulus of Rupture Across the Grains

550 kg/Sqcm

Modulus of Elasticity Along the Grains

90,000 kg/Sqcm

Modulus of Elasticity Across the Grains

50,000 kg/Sqcm

Glue Adhesion in dry state min

135 kg

Glue Adhesion after 72 hours' boiling

110 kg

Glue Adhesion after mycological test

110 kg

Conformity to IS 710:2010



Technical Data 



Specific Gravity


Modulus of Rupture

1200 kg/

Modulus of Elasticity

1,75,000 kg/Sqcm

Crushing Strength

750 kg/Sqcm


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